Pflegedienst Meichner

Pflegedienst Meichner

Welcome at the website of PFLEGEDIENST MEICHNER.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a complete and distinguished service of daily-life care in Kiel. For more than 14 years we experience the needs and weaknesses of people, who have grown old and sometimes solitary but still insist on staying at home.

Thereby we are concerned about our clients, coming from abroad and not yet able to express themselves in German. Particularly Turkish and Russian people will get their help by our native-speaking nurses. Besides practical attendance and communication they hopefully enjoy familiar conversation.

For further informations call 0431 - 260 680. Our office-team will advise you confidentially and should be able to support you whatever question you may have.

Ilknur Meichner and Hans-Alfred Meichner

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